Electric Picks


Electric Picks is jewelry inspired by music.

It’s for the renegades, romantics and visionaries. Each bracelet is intricately crafted and one of a kind.  An avid music lover, MJ Barton collected guitar picks from concerts for years- one night she had a dream to put all those guitar picks into bracelets.  Soon friends & strangers started asking her to do the same for them- and Electric Picks was born.

The guitar picks are all either custom or vintage. MJ & her partner Chantel love to scour vintage stores for inspiration. Using materials from their travels all around the world (Istanbul, Athens, Barcelona, Morocco, Thailand, Paris, Capri, Monte Carlo, India etc) they mix gemstones, fine metals, and authentic guitar picks to create looks that aspire to be as timeless as music is.

I don’t leave the house without an Electric Pick on my wrist or 2 or 3 of them! They are great to stack, have a great rock and roll vibe and are made from a real guitar pick! There are so many to choose from that will speak to you and your sense of style. If you are a music lover, bohemian, fashionista, or gypsy at heart you will love Electric Picks!

Check out my exclusive Lisa Kline Pick and all the other great ones on www.lisakline.com only for the week of September 24th thru September 30th 2015. Use my VIP Code ROCKMUSIC to receive 30% off these cool bracelets and start your collection or adding to what you already have, the more you stack the cooler they look.




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