Portfolio Project

Letter 9 is a real estate company that owns off campus housing in 5 major college towns. I was hired by the CEO to come on and design a brand for the college students to sell in their club houses by setting up little stores in each venue. I also created their website, social media platforms and designed and manufactured all of their branded apparel and gear to give away as promote to lure students to live on their cool off campus high end properties.

Real Estate company. High end student housing at various college campuses across the US.

Design Consultant

• Research
• Execute idea with designer
• Pitch to owner
• Ordered and procured the best blanks and got items printed and delivered to each property
• Traveled to all colleges and properties to set up retail pop up stores
• Trained staff
• Bought all fixtures for set up
• Handle all reorders

Women’s, and Men’s, branded apparel and promotional items to promote properties.

• Created full collection for on-site college clubhouses
• Created all cost sheets and inventory spreadsheets
• Managed all purchase orders and deliveries
• Set up resale license
• Managed Instagram and Facebook pages
• Hired and trained interns
• Set up mini retail stores inside the clubhouse
• Trained staff
• Created manual for staff
• Managed all photo shoots for goods
• Set up e commerce and ran site
• Designed all marketing mailers and scheduled campaigns
• Designed, executed and delivered all promo goods to each of the 5 universities to promote the properties


Neil Rubler

CEO, Candlebrook Properties

Letter9 partnered with Lisa in order to develop a clothing line targeting the college market. Her imagination made the Letter9 Gear concept come to life, adding meaningfully to the Letter9 lifestyle brand.

~Neil Rubler