Retail Consulting

Now more than ever it is imperative to engage your customer with stimulation, education and experience. Whether looking to add a new retail concept or improve an existing one I can create or renew your store with expert curation, merchandising and business acumen that will connect you to your customer in a magical way and generate a healthy revenue in today’s retail landscape.

Established Retail Business

Evaluate your current business in all aspects then suggest a new formula to create a fresh look and elevate your brand identity.

I take the following aspects into consideration for improvement:

• Curation
• Flow of goods
• Merchandising
• Terms
• Integrating new brands
• Buying
• Sales
• Incentives for staff
• Appreciation for staff
• Leveraging relationships


New Retail Business Concept

To be a success you must incorporate many factors that allow you to stand out and earn a customer’s trust. It starts with a full plan from store design, clientele, store location, curation and execution of your vision. Hiring the right team is key. I will vet and introduce you to the people who can see the job through.

The things I am focusing on:

• Help design the layout for the ultimate shopping experience
• Define the look and feel of the store
• Curation based off your ideal clientele
• Buying
• Pricing
• Create standard operating procedures
• Staffing
• Training and more…


How a store is merchandised sets the tone for a business, this applies to not only brick and mortar but online as well. First impressions are everything and how you merchandise is a way to connect with the customer without speaking. A store needs to be merchandised at least once a week for freshness and even to keep the staff interested in what they are selling. Product has to come alive and tell a story to capture the consumer allowing them to feel comfortable shopping and spending money.

Branded Goods

Branded goods not only promote your brand but add to your bottom line. Specializing in logo design, sourcing and placement, I understand how to enhance a brands identity by choosing cool, relevant items that people want to wear and use, organically promoting your brand. 


So many factors come into play with design to make a line complete, cohesive and ready to bring to market. In the span of my career I have designed collections in all categories, mentored designers, bought, sold, and grown brands not only at retail but online and on television. My history and education gives me the ability to understand fit, style, fabrics, trims and the details that need to be addressed. I look at product with a critical eye as a retailer and merchandiser so that your product resonates with your target consumer.

Some of the things I look at are:

• Do you have a great story?
• Is your idea new or on trend?
• Are your colors good?
• Do you have a point of view?
• Is your branding on point?
• Do you have the right manufacture, costing and pricing?
• How many deliveries do you have a year and is your brand ready to launch?
• If apparel is the fit correct, are the fabrics wearable and washable.
• If beauty, are the ingredients pure and is the packaging on point?
• If home do you have a curated story?

Business Development

I offer big picture strategic guidance and vision to help launch, scale, strengthen and energize your business, by connecting you with the best in the business. 

Growing a brand in any category can be challenging as it takes time and there needs to be a strategic flow. It is important to align yourself with experts as each business decision you make, every penny you spend and the pace you are moving at is crucial for growth. 

Some of the things I focus on:

• Is your product line merchandised properly and ready for market?
• Is your branding on point?
• Do you have the correct assets to impress buyers?
• Does your digital marketing and website represent your brand image?
• Are you ready for representation?
• Assist in placing you in a proper showroom to sell your brand and bring it to market
• Help place you in the right venues to meet the proper buyers
• Guide you in growing and flourishing your brand and business into a successful model. 

Brand Placement

I have been placing and growing brands from incubation to being put on the map for over 2 decades. Building a brand in today’s marketplace isn’t the same as it was. It takes a lot more strategic placement to generate proper sales, a good fit and create exposure. I carefully curate my brands for placement to ensure growth, added revenue stream and positive brand awareness. 


Brands I’ve Placed

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