About LK

   Lisa is revered in the fashion industry as an innovative retailer, merchandiser and designer. She established herself as a trusted style source for many actors, recording artists and celebrity clients with her iconic Lisa Kline retail stores in Los Angeles, Malibu and Beverly Hills. People would come to Lisa Kline from all over the world to get the hottest trends, latest brands and coolest clothing in the marketplace. Her stores put hundreds of top contemporary brands in the industry in all categories on the map.

   Now as a retail consultant, Lisa continues to grow operations and increase revenues. Whether designing a new store or upgrading an existing one, she takes into consideration the location and clientele. Lisa uses her 25 years of experience curating for clients like Shutters on the Beach, The Westlake Village Inn, The Today Show, Bed Bath and Beyond, & many more. 

   Lisa’s vast knowledge of the industry makes her an expert in all categories of fashion, lifestyle and beauty. Her focus is retail concepts in hotels, spas, gyms, hair salons, restaurants, and standard brick and mortar as well as online. She knows how to create a vibe and experience for todays market to attract the customer, connect with them and make them feel special.