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The LK

From the time I was 9 years old all I ever dreamed about was opening a retail clothing store. After graduating from Syracuse University cum laude in Fashion Design, I was fortunate to live that dream and open my first store at 25 years of age. It is so rewarding to curate stores that offer great style and a unique, pleasant shopping experience for the customer. Having a store is fun but it is also a business that needs to be run properly from all aspects. Now as a retail consultant with 25 years under my belt I am blessed to help others bring their visions to life. 


Retail Consulting

Now more than ever it is imperative to engage your customer with stimulation, education and experience. Whether looking to add a new retail concept or improve an existing one I can create…

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Brand Placement

I have been placing and growing brands from incubation to being put on the map for over 2 decades. Building a brand in today’s marketplace isn’t the same as it was. It takes a lot more strategic…

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Business Development

I offer big picture strategic guidance and vision to help launch, scale, strengthen and energize your business by connecting you with the best in the business to help it grow and flourish into a successful model…

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So many factors come into play with design to make a line complete. I bring my 25 plus years of experience as an expert buyer, master retailer and designer versed in all lifestyle categories from men’s, women’s, kids, accessories…

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